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    Under the Covers with Sleep Envie

    Under the Covers with Sleep Envie

    BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED: Spring Bedroom Refresh

    Posted by Nap Queen on April 18, 2017

     The world around us is abuzz with life with the arrival of spring. The sun comes out, love is in the air and the drudgery of winter melts into the freshness of the season. The explorer within us is awoken and we are filled with the urge to reclaim the great outdoors once again.
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    IN BED WITH: Victoria Tonelli

    Posted by Nap Queen on April 10, 2017

    Victoria is a Toronto based Designer that has been creatively involved in the making of some of the most popular design and renovations shows on television like the Goods and Canada's Next Designer. Most recently, she has moved into the role of Designer and Senior Art Director for Property Brothers: Buying & Selling on HGTV. 

    Her meticulous attention to detail, intuitive sense of colour and space planning, and impressive versatility and range as a designer has catapulted her up the ranks in this hyper competitive industry at such a young age. She has a true passion for what she does.

    Photo Cred: @tonellivictoria

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    LOVEBIRDS: 6 Springtime Date Ideas in the 6ix

    Posted by Nap Queen on March 27, 2017


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    Posted by Nap Queen on March 17, 2017

    Celebrate World Sleep Day with a special music playlist all about the bedroom.


    Photo Cred: @chiara_from_otherside

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    WAKE UP HAPPY: Fun Alarm Clocks

    Posted by Nap Queen on March 11, 2017


    Although we recognize the necessary evil, we can all sometimes still feel a little twinge of resentment toward the unapologetic, relentless scream of our alarm clocks rousing us from our peaceful slumber each morning. We are thankful for those little machines when we arrive on time to our commitments each day, but first thing in the morning-before our coffee, it is easy to momentarily forget our gratitude. Add a little fun to your morning routine with these cool and original alarm clocks and wake up happy.


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