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HANGOVER SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Weather the Storm

Posted by Nap Queen on July 20, 2017
hangover survival guide
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up on the morning, that's as good as they are going to feel all day."
                                                                                              --Dean Martin

With the season of patio beers, beach days and cottage trips upon us--the harsh reality of their respective hangovers threaten to spoil our fun. That wretched feeling you wake up with that absolutely ransacks you for the day. It can be a real uphill climb. We can help. Follow our Hangover Survival Guide, and make the morning after the night before a little easier.

1. Pick your poison.

According to Damaris Rohsenow's Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, "Bourbon contains 37 times more toxic compounds than vodka does, including nasty organic molecules such as acetone, acetaldehyde, tannins and furfural. " Now, this doesn't mean you're off the hook entirely if you choose a clearer alcohol; however, clearer liquors such as vodka contain less of these toxic compounds which makes the impact hangover feel much more severe when the morning comes. Our advice: in the spirit of hangover prevention, steer clear of dark liquors.

2. Sweat it out.

On the dance floor or elsewhere ;), the more booze you can burn off before bed the better BUT, do not forget to hydrate in the process. If you don't, you are doing yourself more harm then good.

3. Before you crash, have a snack.

A carb-heavy snack before bed is always a good idea. Carbs are great for soaking up the alcohol in your stomach so it can be more easily metabolized overnight. 

4. Hydrate.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which pushes water out of body. If there's not water in places it's easy to find (like, your digestive system) it will take water from anywhere it can (like, the brain). To avoid waking up with the dehydration headache we all know so well, down at least 1-2 glasses of water before you hit the sheets. Turn on the fan or AC as well to keep you from sweating due to overheating. Your body is already going to sweat a bit overnight to get rid of the alcohol on your system--if you're too hot as well, you'll be sweating more which will make you more dehydrated because you're not replacing the fluids you're losing as you sleep.

5. When you wake up, don't panic.

Sometimes, this can be the hardest part. We know, it SUCKS. It's painful and awful and ugly, and, at time, you think it will be the end of you but, hang in there! This too shall pass.

6. Get home, if you're not already.

As mentioned above, it can get ugly. Sometimes just being in your own bed at your own house makes you feel more at ease.

7. Flush the evil out of your bloodstream.

Hydrate with water and coconut water. Try some ginger ale or peppermint tea to settle your stomach. Replace electrolytes with Gatorade or sports drinks.

8. Eat.

It can be a high risk, high reward practice, we totally get it! But, if you can stomach food, load up on protein to restore amino acids, carbs to raise low blood sugar, and potassium rich foods for electrolytes .

9. If that doesn't help, try the 'ol retox (instead of detox) with some hair of the dog.

Shockingly, it really does help. A Caesar is my weapon of choice, but a small amount of whatever you had the night before can help to take the edge off the morning. Just be careful you don't get carried away and find yourself in the same position tomorrow ;).

10. Sleep it off.

Your body has been through an ordeal. Get some rest to let yourself heal.


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