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IN BED WITH: Aaron Spivak and Hush Blankets

Posted by Nap Queen on March 21, 2019



Lior and I are the co-founders of Hush. Based out of Toronto, we shared a passion for improving areas of difficulty in peoples lives. I've been helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle via improved diets and Lior has been helping businesses solve their lead generation problems. Together we launched Hush. Hush is Canada's leading brand for sleep-inducing weighted blankets. In a short period of time Hush has quickly found itself on thousands of beds across Canada and beyond. 



1. We are so excited to that we've become an official retailer of your exceptional Hush weighted blankets! The weighted blanket space has blown up in the past couple of years; what are the benefits of using a weighted blanket? How does this technology help you to sleep?

The Hush Blanket uses the power of science to harness an overall improved sleep. The science, better known as DTPS (deep, touch, pressure, stimulation) is based on the idea that we can create a full body stimulation by placing a small amount of pressure on your body's pressure point throughout the night. Enabling a natural release of relaxing melatonin and a reducing of stress-inducing cortisol levels. 

2. Wow! That’s awesome! Are they only for adults or can kids use them too?

They are great for kids from 50+lbs to adults 250lbs+. We do this by creating blankets from 5lbs to 25lbs to help kids, teens, and adults choose a weight closest to 10% of their overall body weight to properly stimulate the body.

3. If you share a bed with a partner, can you share a weighted blanket as well?

In a perfect world, the blanket was designed for single use. As it is very unlikely that two partners weigh exactly the same. However, many have been getting slightly heavier blankets and choosing to go with a queen size to share with partners and have reported very promising results. 

4. What sets the Hush blanket apart from other weighted blankets?

When it comes to weighted blankets, the importance of quality is an extremely significant factor. Simply having a weighted bean bag like blanket won't do the trick. The Hush comes with our famous zipper tech technology which locks in the inner weight with a hidden zipper to prevent any movement or clumping throughout the night. The hush also comes with a machine washable cover and micro glass beads for improved airflow. Some other features include an inner cotton membrane to prevent any bead leakage and 100-night guarantee. 

5. What inspired you to design this incredible product?

My partner, Lior, spent some time volunteering his summers at a camp for children of special needs. They had an internal stimulation room which carried all kinds of sensory devices the kids could use whenever they felt it useful. Lior found himself using and really loving their weighted sensory pads but, disliked how small they were and how poor the quality was. Before we knew it, we found ourselves working with technical designers coming up with the first ever Hush Blanket. Which turned out to be everything we ever wanted in terms of style, quality, and effectiveness. 
And yes, we sleep with a Hush every night. I actually still sleep with the first one ever produced.

6. As an industry expert, what’s your secret to sweet dreams?

With our phones, computers, tablets, TVs and more, we are now overly exposed to constant light pollution. Which in return, unfortunately, makes it very difficult for us to properly tell our brain "it's time to sleep". So my tips are simple and can work for anybody. 
1. No blue light one hour before bed (no tv,phone,tablets etc).
2. Blackout blinds. No light in your room. Any light creeping can cause your brain to stay awake. 
3. Build a routine. Train your body to wake up and go to sleep at a specific. Your brain craves routine so if you can build a sleep schedule you will benefit greatly. 
4. Use a Hush Blanket <-- most likely the biggest cheat code of them all. 


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