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IN BED WITH: Victoria Tonelli

Posted by Nap Queen on April 10, 2017

Victoria is a Toronto based Designer that has been creatively involved in the making of some of the most popular design and renovations shows on television like the Goods. She was a contestant on Canada's Next Designer. Most recently, she has moved into the role of Designer and Senior Art Director for Property Brothers: Buying & Selling on HGTV. 

Her meticulous attention to detail, intuitive sense of colour and space planning, and impressive versatility and range as a designer has catapulted her up the ranks in this hyper competitive industry at such a young age. She has a true passion for what she does.


Photo Cred: @tonellivictoria

1. What did you enjoy most about your role at the Goods? 

I just came off a contract working as the Décor Producer on CBCs The Goods. I have lots of experience with creating beautiful spaces but working for this daytime television show added another layer to the creative process. I had to think through the why and how we, as designers, make particular design decisions to create these beautiful, well-designed spaces. This was the only way to produce décor segments that would be useful to our viewers and help them to improve their own homes.  This required me to really pause and be more reflective about my design process. All considered, the job was a fast paced whirlwind, but in the best of ways.  It forced me to think on my feet, pushed my limits and overall just make me better at what I do.

I am now working as the Senior Art Director on HGTV’s television show Property Brothers: Buying & Selling. I’ve worked for the show in a creative role for years from Toronto to New York & now in Nashville, Tenessee shooting their 5th season. We execute full renovations in half the time of what would be expected in the “real world.” Although this accelerated pace comes with its own challenges – (including one or two sleepless nights) it’s what I love about designing for TV. I love that we are able to create these magazine-ready spaces in weeks time instead of waiting months to see any type of before or after. It’s the speed of the transformations that makes the process a bit stressful at times but super exciting and hyper-creative. 

2. With spring right around the corner, what tips can you give our readers to freshen up their bedrooms for the season?

Declutter, declutter, declutter! No matter how beautiful a space – if it feels cluttered and it's poorly organized it will never feel calming or relaxing; which is so important in a bedroom. Your nightstands are not your medicine cabinet or storage lockers-- eliminate visual clutter by throwing out what you don’t need and/or buying closed storage solutions so everything can be neatly tucked away and out of view.

This might seem obvious but, there’s nothing more inviting than a clean bedroom. Get to that Spring Cleaning! Throw on a pair of freshly laundered sheets and give the entire space a deep clean. 

Swapping out accessories are the quickest most cost effective way to freshen the look and feel of your bedroom decor for spring. Swap those plaid throw pillows and chunky knit throws for lighter fabrics like cotton or linen to make your space feel cool and airy. I’m not opposed to colour but, there's nothing like classic white bed linens for spring – it automatically brightens up a space and makes the bed look fresh.

Lastly, flowers. Bring some life into your space. A small arrangment of flowers goes a long way on a bedside table or your vanity desk. That being said, I’m not one for fussy arrangements. Run to the grocery store and get a bunch of white tulips and you’re well on your way. Keep it simple and chic – always ;).



Photo Cred: @tonellivictoria

3. What are your favourite emerging design trends we can expect to see this season?


I think there will be a huge shift towards neutrals when it comes to colour trends. Camels, creams, pale gray, blush – I love bold colors when the space calls for it but there is something effortless and chic about a muted color scheme. 

 Mix and match: 

In the design world, we are seeing more and more unexpected elements mixed together to create some of the most interesting and iconic spaces. Although you still want all design elements to be harmonious with one another, there is no longer a need to be hung up on the idea that everything in your space has match perfectly. Don’t be afraid to mix modern and traditional –mix masculine and feminine lines- mix metals – mix and match bold patterns and textures. Taking these risks will make for some of the most beautiful and compelling spaces and ensure that you’re staying very much on trend.

4. As a native Torontonian, what do you love about our city? How do you like to spend a spring weekend here?

No matter where I’ve travelled, Toronto will always be home and where I feel most comfortable. What I love most about the city is having everyone I love in one place- something that I took for granted before I started to travel for work. What’s great is that I can’t keep up with Toronto - I was born here but I’m still working through a long list of different restaurants I want to try –boutiques I want to get into and antique shops I want to scour.

Because we are cooped up during the winter months the City really comes alive when the weather starts to get warmer. My best weekends in Toronto have always been un-planned and involved some really good food. I love waking up, grabbing a coffee and wandering the City with no real commitments or timelines for the day. 

Walking the waterfront, parking myself on a rooftop patio, popping into see what’s new in my local Home Sense & treating myself to some fresh flowers for the week is a really good day.

 5. What is your secret to sweet dreams? 

I’ve invested in my sleep – meaning I’ve invested in the basic elements of my bed; the mattress, the pillows & my bed linens. It’s money well spent that makes a huge difference to how I sleep and how sweet my dreams can be!

My bed time routine is not one that should be modeled. I’m notorious for taking my laptop to bed and working until I pass out. Not glamorous but my dreams are often filled with beautiful decorative pillows and graphic wallpapers. 

6. Describe your favourite breakfast in bed.

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m the all-time foodie. That being said – I like my sheets clean & crumb free. I’d hold off on the breakfast but bring on a really good fresh cup of coffee and/or a mimosa if we want to kick it up a notch. 


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