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Posted by Nap Queen on June 29, 2017

Dog Bed


Hello, my name is Violet. I am a one-year old Old English Sheepdog from St. John’s, Newfoundland. I lead a very busy life as a social media influencer (@voilavioletoes) and hanging with my squad at the dog park. After a long day, I’m ready for a good night’s sleep, but sometimes my mom takes up too much space in our bed. Enter my new Sleep Envie dog bed! It provides me with the best sleep possible. It's stylish and has a machine washable cover (just in case I’ve been rolling around in you-know-what). So if you're tired of having to kick your human out of YOUR bed, try a Sleep Envie dog bed! You may not look as good as me in it, but you'll sleep just as well!


1. Newfoundland is a beautiful place! Describe your perfect weekend in St. John's?

Newfoundland is truly amazing in a lot of different ways, from natural beauty to man-made wonder. I would have to say a perfect weekend for me would include a long hike on one of our picturesque hiking trails as well as stopping in to a few of my favourite places; Signal Hill, an awesome lookout over the city, as well as the Doghouse and Brewkies, my two favourite local pet stores.

2. With Canada's 150th birthday coming up, do you have any special travel tips, for pooches and people alike, looking to explore the East Coast this summer?

My tip for travelling the East Coast is: don't be afraid to open yourself up to new adventures. The people living on the East Coast are so amazingly friendly; they really broaden your horizons. The real way to learn about the East Coast is through its people, so don't be shy! And of course, pack lots of treats ;).

3. How do you like to tire yourself out during the day? Do you like to play outside? Would you consider yourself a high energy pup or do you prefer a life of leisure?

I enjoy tiring myself out in a multitude of ways. I am a creature of habit, so I would have to say my favourite ways to tire myself out would be bullying my cousin Rosie (a toy poodle) until she hides under the furniture, bugging my brother Charles (another OES), and staring at myself in the mirror. I do love playing outside, but just lying outside, hair flowing luxuriously in the breeze is my personal favourite. I'm a very calm dog, but my mom says if I'm not exercised enough I can be crazy. It's a matter of opinion.

4. We love your signature Violet hair. Do you have a beauty routine you follow?

My beauty routine is rather lengthy. It all starts with food. You are what you eat, after all. I ensure my coat stays healthy & shiny.  My slave, er, my Mom, brushes me often to make sure I don't tangle, and I get bathed at least once a month, when my signature coloured top knot gets freshened up. To maintain my figure I make sure I walk my Mom once a day.

5. What is your favourite bedtime snack?

My favourite bed time snack is definitely treats from a local bakery, Brewkies. I will often send my Mom out to get my favourites, although there are lots to choose from. If my Mom has been negligent, she makes up for it with either some peanut butter or filet mignon.

6. What is your secret to sweet dreams?

My secret to sweet dreams is a comfy bed, a full belly, and a happy heart. I sleep my best after a long day frolicking with my Mom and having people tell me how pretty I am. Counting sheep never seems to work for me, as I get so worked up trying to herd them I can't seem to fall asleep!

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