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NAMASTE IN BED: Yoga to Help you Sleep

Posted by Nap Queen on February 03, 2017

Yoga to help you sleep

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Having trouble winding down at night? Try a peaceful nighttime yoga routine you can do in your bedroom to quiet the mind and relax the body. We asked Moksha Uptown for some pointers from the experts It is an incredible studio with a warm knowledgeable community that's perfect for beginners and experts alike! It's a must visit for sure! Here's what they recommend:


Do Your Cat + Cow Pose (Bitlasana and Mararyasana) 

Come to hands and knees/table pose with hands directly under shoulders and hips directly over knees. Spread your fingers wide and either tuck your toes under or leave the tops of your feet flat. Find a neutral spine and breathe. 

On an inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat, shine your heart forward as you lift your chest and chin, gaze upwards. Draw shoulders away from ears.

On your exhale, create a wave in your spine that begins at the low back as you pull your belly in, and travels up the spine as you tuck your chin. Release the weight of your head. 

Continue to move through cat and cow for three breaths.


  • Cow strengthens and stretches the spine and neck, massages and stimulates the organs in the belly
  • Cat stretches the back, torso, neck
  • Together, these postures provide a gentle spine stretch

2. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

From hands and knees, sit back on your heels and sit your hips to one side. Bring your legs long out in front of you and find a generous bend in the knees. Use your hands to remove any fleshy bits from underneath your bottom, feeling the sit bones firm on the ground beneath you. Option to sit on a folded blanket, pillow, or block to bring the hips a bit higher.

Press down through the heels so the legs are active. Place your hands on either side of you and lift the heart as you inhale, hinge at the hips and fold over your legs as you exhale. Keep the knees bent as you need, and breathe, reaching for the sides of the feet, the toes, or the shins. 

As you inhale, continue to lift your heart and lengthen your spine, as you breathe out, fold.


  • Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings
  • Improves digestion
  • Calms the mind--helps relieve stress and anxiety

3. Thread-the-Needle (Sucirandhrasana)

From seated, place your hands alongside the body and carefully come down to your back. Bend your knees and place the soles of your feet on the mat. 

Cross your left ankle over your right thigh and flex your left toes back towards your knee to protect that joint. Option to stay in this position, using your hand to gently press the left leg away from the body. If you are quite open through the hips, thread your left arm through the space created by your legs, and interlace your fingers on the back of your right hamstring. 

Take a deep breath in and ground your tailbone. Making sure hips and shoulders are anchored to the mat, exhale to gently direct the right knee towards the right shoulder or armpit. Take three more deep breaths and then switch sides.


  • Increases range of motion in the hips (gentle hip opener with no pressure on the joints)
  • Stretches muscles around the hips

4. Supine Twist (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Once you have returned your feet, spread your arms out to either side of you. Shift your hips slightly to the right and let your knees fall gently to the left. If knees do not reach the floor comfortably, rest a pillow or block underneath. 

Stay grounded through the shoulders and gently turn the gaze to the right for a maximum twist. Stay for three to five breaths. Draw your knees back to center and into the chest. Wrap your arms around your legs and give yourself a squeeze! Set the feet back on the floor, shift hips slightly to the left, and let knees fall to the right. Gaze falls over the left shoulder. Stay for three to five breaths. 


  • Helps to alleviate bloating and gas
  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Improves circulation
  • Eases neck and back pain

5. Supine Cobbler's Pose / Reclining Bound Angle Pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)

Remaining on the back body, set the soles of your feet together, letting knees fall to either side of you. Option to place a pillow, folded blanket, or block underneath the knees for extra support. 

Instead of pushing the knees down toward the floor, send your breath to the groin area and allow the body to relax. As the hips open, the knees descend and you can remove any props as necessary. 

Arms can be alongside the body, or you can place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Close your eyes, take eight to ten breaths. 


  • Stretches the inner thighs, groin, knees
  • Stimulates the heart and improves circulation 


    For more information on Moksha, please visit

    Namaste and sweet dreams, beauties 🙏!



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