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Posted by Nap Queen on February 23, 2017


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Ahhhh, the Oscars, one of Hollywood's most glamorous and prestigious evening of the year. We see our favourite stars show off their envy-inducing couture on the red carpet and honour the greatest artistic achievements in film of the year. Whether you watch live cozied up in your bed or you host a group of friends, follow our Oscar-watching party guide for a fun and memorable evening.



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Popcorn is an absolute must for this award ceremony honouring movies. It's quick, easy, and perfect for sharing and snacking on your own. You can stick to classic butter as a topping or add flavoured seasoning for a little variety. If you are looking to add a few appetizers to your menu try nominee themed dishes such as Hidden Fritters (inspired by Hidden Figures) or Mini LaLaLasagna. Click here for the recipe.



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A red carpet evening calls for some golden bubbles. You can keep it simple and pop your favourite bottle or, try this delicious twist on a classic libation. With just a couple simple modifications, you can transform your bubbles into a fresh, herbal, golden cocktail.

 French 77

In a champagne glass, pour 1 oz. St Germaine Elderflower Liqueur. Top up with bubbly and garnish with a twist of lemon.



Photo Cred: Vanity Fair

If you would like to add a little challenge to your watching party, try an Oscar-themed game!

You can make a 'Predict the Winner' game where you list a selection of categories and their nominees and have you and your guests fill it out before the show starts. You can play for glory and bragging rights, you can provide a prize for the winner, or, if you have a rowdy crowd on your hands, you can turn it into a drinking game-losers drink.

You could also do an Oscar-themed trivia match game with fun facts about the nominees. Same rules as above and same prize system.

Or, finally, you can use an online Oscar Pool such as Vanity Fair's Interactive Oscar Ballot to make your predictions. You can do it solo, or as a group.

Dress Code

Satin PJs Oscar watching party guide

Photo Cred: @satinaddict3377

Since this night is absolutely a night of glamour and couture, you could go for it and rock a red carpet look of your own or, since you're home and likely getting into some popcorn, you could go for your snazziest PJs because, after all, why not be comfy AND look fab ;).

Happy watching!


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