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SLEEP RESOLUTIONS: How To Get Better Sleep In The New Year

Posted by Nap Queen on December 27, 2018



A great year starts with a good sleep! Lay the foundation for success in all your endeavours in the new year by getting the sleep you need to be healthy, happy and successful. 

Follow our six easy sleep steps and start 2019 off right:

1. Plan it:

Create a sleep/wake schedule and stick to it. The key to success here is creating a schedule that realistically works for you and remaining committed to it. For example, waking up at 6 AM every morning and going to bed at 10 PM every night from January 1st on, may not be the most realistic plan for someone used to waking up around 10 AM and going to bed after midnight. Find a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle and keep at it. The longer you stick to your schedule, the easier it will be to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. For best results, sleep and wake within an hour of your regular weekly schedule on weekends as well.

2. Prioritize it:

I know personally, it can be very tempting to stay up and watch TV or do something else you want to do rather than going to bed on time, but it’s important to make it a priority. If you need help falling asleep, to help jump-start your progress on your new schedule and/or combat racing mind or insomnia, there are many innovative tools to help with this. Philip Stein sleep bracelets, the Dodow and Well Told Sleep Boosters are all amazing and effective natural sleep aids.

3. Optimize it:

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. The foundation of a great sleep is a great mattress. Make sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive. If your mattress is in need of an update, look for a replacement that fits your sleep preferences and lifestyle. All mattresses are not created equally. If your current mattress needs an update but it’s not in your budget right away, consider a mattress topper to add an extra layer of comfort for a much lower cost.

4. Enjoy it:

Sleep, once you’ve fallen asleep, is almost always enjoyable--the tough part is getting up. Enjoy your sleep and make waking up more pleasant. The trick here is to use a light therapy alarm clock, rather than your traditional beeping alarm clock, pre-setting coffee maker to brew so it’s ready when you get up, keeping your nice cozy slippers and robe near your bed and, most importantly, giving yourself enough time to sleep.

5. Manage it:

A huge component of getting a great sleep is being tired. We often find ourselves mentally tired at the end of the day but it really helps to be physically tired as well. Exercising during the day can be a great help to physically tire yourself out and combat restlessness at night that keeps so many of us awake.

6. Respect it:

We all know about blue light. Don’t mess with your sleep by crossing the Netflix line at bedtime. Pick up a book, talk to your spouse, family or friend, play with your pet rather than use technology within an hour of when you want to go to sleep. The negative effects that blue light can have on sleep are very well known--respect your sleep and stay away from blue light at bed time.


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