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SURVIVING SANTA: How To Get The Sleep You Need This Holiday Season

Posted by Nap Queen on December 13, 2018



Decorations are up, stores are playing festive music and holiday parties are in full swing; the season to celebrate is upon us.

It’s wonderful to be busy with friends and family celebrating the holidays this time of year but, all of that can also be chaotic. Buying and wrapping gifts, planning and cooking special meals, travelling to see your loved ones, and all the feasting, drinking and visiting can all be exhausting!

Follow our six easy holiday sleep tips to make sure you get the rest you need this holiday season so you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

1. Be reasonable with your commitments--don’t overdo it.

You have no chance of getting the rest you need if your overcommitted and out of the house (not to mention out of your bed) come bed time on a regular basis. This time of year there are lots of fun and festive things to do but it’s important not to be doing something every night of the week on top of work and your other responsibilities. This is a sure-fire way to burn out before Christmas even arrives. Try to be reasonable with your commitments. If you’re invited to several Christmas parties on top of family events, prioritize--it’s okay not to say yes to everything. This way, you may not get to every single event, but you will really enjoy the ones that you do attend while still having plenty of energy left for your main celebrations.

2. Get ahead of the game.

Divide your shopping, wrapping, meal planning, baking, and cooking over the weeks leading up to your events so it’s not a last-minute all-nighter frantic rush. All-nighters weren’t a good idea in school and they still aren’t now. If you’re rushing decorating your Christmas baking that you worked so hard on, it shows--trust me. Same goes for buying and wrapping your gifts. Beyond the quality control that giving yourself enough time allows, you will also feel much less stressed and panicked, and, therefore, sleep a lot easier. There is nothing worse than laying awake at night haunted by your to-do list.

3. Don’t go overboard on food and alcohol.

Indulge a couple nights, but know that going to bed too full affects your sleep to it’s not a great long-term holiday strategy, especially if you have commitments the next day. Be reasonable, indulge earlier in the day if possible, spread out what and when you’re eating and try not to go too overboard. This can be a challenge around the holidays for sure, but the quality of sleep you get and the energy you wake up with the next day are a great payoff.

4. Keep exercising.

The holidays can be mentally tiring with extra socializing and long car trips, but it’s important to be physically tired as well so you can get a great sleep when you finally do go to bed. This doesn’t have to mean sneaking in a few gym trips, you can exercise in fun other ways like getting outside with your family, having a snowball fight, walking around the neighboorhood to see the Christmas lights and tobogganing. Just an hour a day will have a huge impact on your sleep.

5. Try and keep your schedule as close to normal as possible.

This can be extra tricky if your travelling but, if you can manage to keep your sleep/wake schedule within an hour of what it would normally be, it will make it easier to get to sleep and keep up your energy during the day. This sounds like a lot of work but it’s not too difficult of an adjustment to make when you really think about it: if you normally get up around 7:45 AM on weekdays, you can still sleep in until 8:45 AM without negatively impacting your schedule and, if your loved ones sleep in, you get some quiet time (which can be a hot commodity around the holidays) where you can read and/or just relax.

6. Tune in at bedtime.

Try listening to mindful meditation or relaxation audio with earbuds when you go to sleep (here are some great apps for it). It helps you to relax and sleep in two major ways: putting in earbuds with audio help to minimize noise in the house that can be keeping you awake if you are visiting or have company--we all have that one family member that snores like crazy--AND it’s great for tuning out your racing mind if you’re overwhelmed and thinking about what you have to do the next day.

Follow our six easy steps this holiday season and you can be sure to get your best sleep so you can have all the energy you need to enjoy your celebrations.

Happy holidays!


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